the story


It's about a young man called Maskull, who like all of us, wants to understand. You know, the big questions – What's it all for? Why are we here? What happens when we die? To find answers he must travel to the planet of Tormance, in the binary star-system of Arcturus. 

But the lessons will not be easy. In fact he will almost die twice before he reaches his final destination. And meet a lot of very strange people along the way. His absent guide on this journey is Krag, who seems to be the devil incarnate, and who abandons Maskull on this desolate and bizarre planet to fend for himself.

He is not completely alone, though. Seraphina is with him every step of the way, challenging Krag and guiding our hero on his quest – even if he doesn't realize it. 

It's the adventure of a lifetime.




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