A voyage To Arcturus

A New Musical by Phil Moore


Based on the classic Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel by David Lindsay, A Voyage To Arcturus is a comic adventure. Philosophical and surreal, dangerous and mind-boggling; with a score that spans rock and Jazz idioms and various other eccentric forms. There has never been a show quite like this.

After a few years focusing on screenplays, a novel and an album of songs, I was looking to write a new stage musical. So I searched for some existing IP that was in the Public Domain I could adapt.I discovered the novel A Voyage To Arcturus published in 1920. This is widely considered an early Fantasy/Sci-Fi classic, little known but highly influential. It was perfect – at least for me. This story would allow me to combine my love of science fiction, philosophy and musical theatre, and would be a challenge given the nature of the story.

Those who have read the book either love it or hate it. At first I wasn't sure. The story is surreal, profound, and surprising. Truly original. But it is also (in my opinion) patchy and poorly written in places. A flawed masterpiece. Which was perfect. Something I could build on and make my own.

For those who know and love the book, some changes have been made. That's inevitable with any adaptation. But the show remains true to Lindsay's original vision, while also serving as an expression of my own views; while taking a modern approach to the bizarre adventure our hero, Maskull, is on.  

And don't worry if you haven't read the book. You don't need to to appreciate the show. They are each their own thing.

Other versions

Another reasons for choosing this story to adapt is that it has not really been done before. In my research there has been a short-lived opera, a play, an ambitious but pretty awful student film, plus a few concept albums. But no movie and definitely no Musical.

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